Vogue Ball

Vogue Ball

JJ-Street Baltic Session 2016: Vogue Ball E.T

We present to you the most cosmic Vogue Ball taking place on the 22nd of October 2016 @ Salme Cultural Centre, Tallinn, Estonia.

This year we will get totally extraterrestrial!

You have to give 110% because your skills will be evaluated by Javier Ninja and Archie Burnett.

This amazing ball will be hosted by the world-famous Vogue host, the one and only Dashaun Wesley!

On the turntables DJ Vjuan Allure (USA)


Battles start: 15:30

Participation for 1 category: 15 €
Every additional category: 10€

TICKETS FOR GUEST: entrance allowed only with the 2-day pass, buy HERE.


New Way – Venus
Since Venus is the planet that represents all the women in the World, it is described with everything graceful and beautiful. The inner temperature of Venus is 462 degrees which makes it the hottest planet in our Solar system. In addition, it is one of the brightest planets next to the Moon and the Sun. If You represent New Way, You have to fire up the runway and shine bright like Venus!

Old Way – Earth
Old Way represents the Earth. Earth is the only known planet that has life on as we know it. Earth is the only home for human and water covers 71% of its territory. It means Your will stay calm and very down to earth. As well you’re inspired by nature and have to show what really matters if it comes to our home planet.

Runway – Moon
Runway – the Moon. Moon is the only natural companion to Earth. It’s bright and magical so the Runway model representing the Moon has to wear the most glamourous silver outfit of the evening. Moon is the one showing the light into the dark nights and since it has no gravity You should step on the Runway as light as a feather.

Vogue Fem – Saturn
Vogue Fem represents Saturn. Saturn is the second biggest planet in the Solar system and it is named after Saturnus, the God of fertility. Wind on the planet can reach up to 1800 km/h which means You all have to be fast and strong enough to keep up. Saturn itself is beautiful light yellow and, despite the wind, absolutely perfect. Clarity and effects are the words that describe it and also don’t forget the magnificent rings. See You on the dancefloor!

Kids Performance – Star
Kids represent all the shining stars in the Solar system. Their bright, cute and the sparkle around them, never fades. Stars are really far away but You still can see their light. There are over billion trillion stars in the world, so try to be the brightest one!

Hands Performance – Neptun
Hands Performance represents the planet called Neptun. Neptun is the farthest planet from the Sun. It is the thickest and coldest planet which means it is 17 times heavier than the Earth and has temperature of -218 degrees. All this means that we expect You to be fast and precise. For Neptun wear blue gloves.

Waacking 1 vs 1 – Sun
Waacking shines like the Sun – brightest of them all! All the planets revolve around the sun and follow its lead. Sun is also a star and in a plasma state in addition the temperature on the Sun is 5778 K. When You step on the runway, you have to be dazzling for the jury and the audience. Prepare the performance of Your life!

– Costumes according to the theme are mandatory.
– Kids under 15 years old can ONLY participate in Kids Performance.
– In preselections dancers have to get their 10’s. Battles are 1 minute, Hands Performance 45 seconds. Final will be 1 minute solo performance + 1 minute ballroom battle.
– Registration only through the web environment at www.balticsession.com (Please create an account to register).
– Before every category there’s a line-up. If you miss Your line, You’re cancelled.
– Parents need to buy the 2-day pass in order to see the Vogue Ball.

Two best dancers from each category (except Hands Performance) will be having the final battle at the main event the next day at Nordea Concert Hall.


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